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Loka Fitness offers you the opportunity impact students worldwide.  Start with your local base and increase your reach by becoming visible on the worlds largest streaming platforms.  We’ve worked hard to develop the technology and partnerships that will help you succeed.  You don't pay anything for exposure on our platform, and you make money if you choose to charge customers for your classes.   Loka Fitness is launching soon and we're offering special programs for select instructors who join us early.  Get in touch with us to apply today.

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Create Fitness Videos

Find a quiet, beautiful place to create a short video about yourself and your courses, then create videos of your courses.  Get in touch with us to get them published on our platforms.  We'll work with you on finding the right mix of free (if any) and paid content.


Grow Your Reach

Engage with your local and online community, promote your services on social media platforms.  We'll also market you and your services to our customers and help you grow.  We're successful only if you're successful.

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Grow Your Business

Start with your wellness passion and knowledge, then create an outline of courses that enable others to achieve their goals.

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Featured courses on the Loka Fitness homepage - increased marketing exposure at no cost

A dedicated page just for your branded content will increase focus and attention

Participate in our co-marketing opportunities such as inclusion in our press releases, emails and blog articles


If you have existing videos, we'll do the heavy lifting to transfer your videos onto our streaming platform.​

If you are looking to create videos: Reach out to us and we can help optimize your set up to create videos. Or if you're ready for a more polished look, we can connect you to a production team.


We pass along 100% of the revenue you generate from your classes for the first 12 months. 

You set your prices and decide what content is free or paid.

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Are you an instructor?  Contact us to apply today.  Students, sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we launch.


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